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Two Opening in Two nights.

I was able to attend my first opening at Carrack Modern Art in Durham. A very engaging show of modern primitive paintings by Charlotte based Columbian artist MALO. I got to meet one of Carrack’s organizers, Laura, and found their format for artists quite unique and their space a pleasant reminder of a NYC loft. Also got to meet local photographer Jim Lee and had engrossing conversations with him and my running partner for the evening, Steven Silverleaf.

And the next night I found myself back in Durham, this time with Lori Vrba, at Through this Lens gallery. Roylee Duvall was having a show by the very imaginative Doug Prince. Doug gave a small talk about the arc of his creative process, from the days of darkroom magic to his current use of photoshop in the digital realm. Also on loan where a couple of his 3D photo boxes that were mesmerizing. “Layers” seemed to be a key ingredient to his work throughout. Both Lori and I found ourselves shaking our heads at the realization that some of his work, which seemed quite fresh, was in fact created in the mid 60’s. Ran into Jim Lee again and have not yet decided if he is stalking me or I him.