The core of my photography is anchored in the documentary tradition. I have always been attracted by the emotional reactions to the world around me that I have had as a human, and as an American, albeit one with an admittedly Southern persuasion. Growing up in the heart of the bible belt and living in the rapidly evolving world at the end of a millennium, I have been filled with a sense of wonder and curiosity. My body of work entitled Evening Land has been inspired by the philosophical themes in the work of the great southern writer Walker Percy, and specifically these words from The Moviegoer, “It’s an interesting age you live in - though I can’t say I'm sorry to miss it. But it should be quite a sight, the going under of the evening land. That’s us all right. And I can tell you, my young friend, it is evening. It is very late." 

My reactions to this tableau range from reverence to outrage, to love and awe, humor and horror. I believe that the images I make are clearly colored by the very personal reactions of my gut, my mind and my eye and that my camera is just the tool of a subjective artist. I feel blessed to work with the large palette that the medium of photography offers. In the act of creation, I have many different tools available in which to influence the mood and tone of the work and I do enjoy taking advantage of these choices.  Despite my conscious efforts to create a narrative and context, the equation is not complete without consideration of the contribution of the viewer. The meaning and relevance of the work therefore is never fixed and final as each new viewer will bring their own associations to its interpretation. All are welcome.