Lori Vrba's one night stand

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One of the many pleasures of having moved back to Carrboro is that I am now practically neighbors with the talented Lori Vrba. I have payed close attention to Lori’s projects since first seeing her work at the Labor of Love gallery in Durham. Since then I have seen her work at the Annuale at the Light Factory in Charlotte and followed her growing success with the Jennifer Schwartz Gallery in Atlanta. But perhaps the most remarkable of all these was her one night show of her Piano Farm work at a run down historic home in New Orleans during the 2010 PhotoNOLA festival. And now, a full year later, PDN has done a great article that highlights this project. The amount of work that went into this very brief exhibition was astounding and it has been attracting accolades using terms such as “the now legendary”, etc. I consider myself lucky that I was in attendance and equate this to being able to claim such things as… “I was at woodstock.”

I am looking forward to being in Vrba’s proximity and hope that some of her magic will rub off on me. In the meantime, if you are unaware of Lori’s work, this article is a good start.