The Light Factory's Annual Fine Art Photography Auction 40th Anniversary November 17th

Added on by bryce lankard.

I am calling on all my friends to attend the Light Factory’s Annual Fine Art Photography Auction Saturday night November 17th.  I am attaching the link to purchase tickets on line and I am encouraging everyone to considering supporting this wonderful institution by buying a ticket and bringing a friend as well.  The auction represents the number one fund drive of the year for the Light Factory to raise money for educational programs, exhibitions and our exceptional Speakers/lecture series.

There will be some beautiful photographs available by well known photographers as well as fantastic work by local and regional artists.  The Light Factory has a unique mission in the Charlotte art community as we are one of four museums in the country to support the photographic arts.  The economy has hit museums hard with 20% of these institutions shutting their doors in the last four years.

As someone who is interested in the arts and the diversity of our art community, I am making a special plea to help make this a successful event and ensure that the Light Factory remains a viable and thriving organization in Charlotte.

Please consider attending or making a donation at this time to support our mission to promote photography and film and outreach to schools to encourage young people to explore the photographic arts.