The Informed Collector- How and Why to collect Photography

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Sun. Sept. 30th @ 1-3pm @ Carolina Inn: Chancellor’s Ballroom

With new records set at auctions seemingly every month, the value of the photograph is at an all time high. The wide range of contemporary photographic expression is producing a new generation of emerging artists whose work can be collected at very modest cost. The Getty Museum has called photography the “most important medium.” How and why does one start and grow a collection of fine art photography?

Roylee Duvall: director, Through this Lens Gallery, Durham, NC

Gabrielle Larew: director, Doma Gallery, Charlotte, NC

Jennifer Schwartz: Jennifer Schwartz Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Frank Konhaus: photography collector, Chapel Hill, NC

moderator-Kelly Flanders McChesney: Flanders Gallery, Raleigh, NC