In the days of Dean

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After listening to much heart-rending testimony the past couple weeks on the life and life force of the late Dean Smith, I have been motivated to dig out a few old prints from the archives. I was lucky enough to have been a student and photographer for a great stretch of Dean Smith's Tarheel teams. I got to see the last game at Carmichael, which wasn't, in fact, the last game. And the first in the Dean Dome. I was blessed to see many great opposing players, foes like Ralph Sampson, Jay Bilas, Spud Webb, Johnny Dawkins and Len Bias. But even more blessed to photograph and witness many Tarheel greats like Sam Perkins, Brad Daugherty, Michael Jordan, Kenny Smith and more. We were fortunate to learn to shoot our color slides in the "sports illustrated" style, which meant we mounted studio strobes in the rafters of Carmichael and synched them by direct pc cord to one camera. These images are not those however, these are the Tri-X pushed to 1600 available light images. A few quick scans and not spotted. I hope you enjoy.