On "Wolf's Honey" by Vojtech Slama

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Had a nice afternoon of talking books and book projects with Vrba. We are cooking up some schemes. We swapped a few books and one of them, “Wolf’s Honey” struck me in a number of ways. On an ironic note, Vojtech began his path of photographic discovery by forming a group called “the Czech Parallax Group” which I have an obvious affinity for, and to discover that many of his subjects were fellow photographers from this group. I guess lots of czech girls carry cameras. The text in the book referred to his ultimate focus on the banal and mundane truths of his life. I am struck with the notion that so many of my images that ended up on my cutting room floor over the years, would find a new audience in today’s aesthetic. 

I enjoyed picking out running themes and subjects that reappear throughout his visual narratives. In no particular order: 

  • cats
  • window, mirrors (reflections)
  • glasses (wine and otherwise)
  • camera as a fetish object
  • women adjusting their underwear
  • camera placed on surface/ground
  • the moment before or after 

for all his attention to the mundane, he makes it all look very sensuous. 

and it inspired me to share this image of mine.