"Blink of an Eye" @ Frank Gallery

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Some work from “Blink of an Eye” is included in the Changing Focus: The Image in Flux exhibit at Frank Gallery during the InFocus festival.

blink of an eye - a very short time (as the time it takes the eye to blink or the heart to beat); - an indefinitely short time.

Blink of an eye

and it’s gone.

This body of work examines moments and places we can often take for granted - those we think will always be around, and then, in the blink of an eye, can be gone.

This project is my personal response to the events surrounding both 9.11 and Hurricane Katrina. Having been saturated with images of destruction, the intent in “Blink of an Eye”  is to examine a more psychological and emotional response to a sense of loss, dislocation and isolation. I have used toy cameras and the soft, gauzy look they provide in order to create images depicting more of a sense of nostalgia, tinged with sentimentality and even optimism. 

I feel that this notion of loss can be applied to physical objects such as buildings or cities, but also to more ephemeral concepts such as summertime, mortality and youth. My photographs reflect these recurring themes through iconic childhood and leisure-time subjects such as playgrounds, carnivals and midways, such as the final days of Coney Island, quiet moments, and off-season vignettes. By occasionally using double exposures and image sequences arranged out of order I also want to cause a sense of discomfort and disruption.

Notes on the images: All the images were made using several Holga’s. These are cheap plastic toy cameras, and I have pushed and pulled the film, using overlapping multiple exposures on several. Once developed, I scan the negatives and create my final images using archival ink on Somerset Velvet paper.