Bryce Lankard Circa 1980 @ Framer's Corner

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Opening Reception: Sunday, April 13, 2014    2-5pm

Exhibition dates: March 1, 2014 - May 15, 2014

Gallery hours: M-F 10-6, S 10-2
The Framer’s Corner, 210 West Main St, Carrboro, NC 27510  919.929.3166

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Circa 1980

A small selection of vintage prints, shot and printed mostly in North Carolina during the 1980’s. Early work using 35mm nikon’s and printed in gelatin silver and a few rare cibachrome color prints. Many of these images are from a larger project called Evening Land.

Evening Land

I have been working on this documentary project in one form or another for as long as I have been able to pick up a camera. Initially focused on the South, where I grew up, I have been drawn to subjects that are simultaneously familiar and foreign. I have looked with wonder on an America that has catapulted toward the end of a millenium while clinging for dear life to all its old idiosyncracies.
The title is taken from a line by the great southern writer Walker Percy, with whom I share both North Carolina and New Orleans roots. “It’s an interesting age you live in - though I can’t say I’m sorry to miss it. But it should be quite a sight, the going under of the evening land. That’s us all right. And I can tell you, my young friend, it is evening. It is very late.” (The Moviegoer)

Cibachrome, (currently known as Ilfochrome) is considered by many as being the most beautiful hand color printing process in the world of fine art photography. It occupies a unique position in photography as the only available method to create handmade photographic prints directly from color slide film.

Vintage Print: A photograph printed within a very few years of the date when the negative was made. Prints made recently from original negatives that are old are called modern prints. (from “the Collector’s Guide”)