Portfolio course offered at the Light Factory

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Many artists are defined by a signature style. This vision can be exemplified by subject matter, technique or other methods that make their work readily identifiable. This course will help guide you to a more mature vision of your work. Editing and critiques of existing work, and examinations of the signature styles of master photographers, will help bring your own personal vision into focus. Students will be asked to bring a selection of their best work and related outtakes (contact sheets, work prints, digital files). They will be encouraged (but not required) to create new work or print new discoveries that fit their theme. Our goal will be to create a 12-15 image portfolio of your signature style.
I am encouraging my past students to post/link to the work they created in my previous class. The next class starts soon, so visit http://www.light-factory.org/defining-your-vision
 for more details.