Wheels of Fortune

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It is with a heavy heart that I am starting this blog. 

In November of 2017, the capricious wheel of fate presented me with some motivation to follow a long-held fantasy of mine... to live full time in an RV. I prepared to move my studio into a workshop in Durham, NC and began hunting for an older RV to restore and customize. I shared this idea with my parents over thanksgiving and they supported this notion, especially my dad, who loves a great adventure. I found and purchased my project, an 18 foot 1997 Rockwood trailer and began the painstaking but fun process of molding it into a tiny house on wheels that would suit my tastes and needs. Work was slow and I had the time over the holidays to work on it every day. As I neared the date I intended to launch this vessel, we in NC got hit by the epic snow cyclone Greyson. and I had to delay my start date. 

Then on January 6th I got the news, my father had passed away very unexpectedly. I have never been more utterly devastated in my life. My father was one of the most vibrant and vital people you could ever hope to meet and for those who had the good fortune to have done so, he was undeniably one of the most special humans walking the earth. He was my champion, my cheerleader, my mentor and my hero. This adventure I was about to embark upon would delight him to no end. And he was gone. 

As I move forward, I am still at the stage where I find myself thinking him at almost every hour of the day and I find it difficult to continue. But I had already envisioned this project as something of a vision quest, a spiritual journey of a sort, and now I have a new imperative to take full advantage of this opportunity, to grasp at every offering it provides, to be committed and to endure, because I now know I must, I absolutely must, carry his spirit with me. I have added a tiny shrine to him inside that holds a small amount of his ashes, so he will literally be with me as I travel this path. I dedicate this quest to him. I love you dad.